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Geryle Rogers, Sr's Profile and Contact Information

Geryle Rogers, Sr
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Son Country Insurance Agency, Inc.
Office Number (918) 245-9604
Fax Number (918) 241-8818
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Geryle has been in the insurance industry since 1984 and has received several sales leadership awards. He was Oklahoma's first Super Star agent for Preferred Risk Mutual in 1989. Geryle owned and operated an independent insurance agency for seven years before accepting a position with State Farm Insurance in 2001, until purchasing Son Country Insurance in July 2013. Son Country Insurance is celebrating 30 years of providing insurance to the Sand Springs community and surrounding area. Geryle and his wife Nadine look forward to continuing to serve the needs of the community. Ardith King, CPCU, the founder of Son Country Insurance was a professional mentor to Geryle and she will be missed by all who knew her at Son Country.

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